Venice the dream destination

pooja kumar May 23, 2016

Venice the dream destination

My first time in Venice…..the city of canals, city of bridges, city of masks… whatever you may call it.When I sat down to jot down my impression of this fabulous city, I didn’t know what to begin with. Those ecstatic moments are so fresh in my mind; it feels as if it was yesterday. While I go down my memory lane to recollect those days, I get completely engrossed in each of those fabulous moments having lived in that city of romance.
The trip to this city could not have been as memorable without my life partner, with whom I can grow old recollecting every bit of it.As we got down at Venezia Santa lucia railway station, the first thing to welcome us in the city was the Grand Canal, which is right outside the station. The canal which has filmed in so many movies across the world was right in front of my eyes. It took me some time to move my eyes way from this picturesque view. As usual, our exploration of this city had to start with a city map, something what one can find in the hands of every tourist wondering in the area. Yet you can’t avoid getting lost. But seriously, the best way to explore Venice is losing your way to discover the charms of this mesmerizing city.

It was Christmas, and as expected the whole city especially the Rialto Bridge was flooded with tourists. The uniqueness of this city is characterized by the large number of small stores with varieties of local Venetian products unlike the supermarket or mall culture prevalent in metro cities. After having crossed these small stores and the famous Realto Bridge, we came across the sea food market which was full of varieties of local fish, shellfish, prawns, shrimp, scallops, crayfish, squid, and many more.

The tryst with the small stores all the way had never made me imagine what we saw next, the Merceria Streets, the hub of high end luxury brands like Gucci, Versace and Roberto Cavalli. The high end luxury brand experience gave way to one of the most mesmerising experience, the Gondola Ride. To top it all, the ride group had the fortune of the Italian musician on board whose voice echoed in the canal when these well-crafted boats took to smaller canals. All of these canals had a large number of bridges to cross over and whenever our gondola ride boats passed beneath these bridges, the crowd cheered the Italian musician with thunderous applause.

The story of the Venice would not be complete without mentioning about the carnival masks, and rightly so, Venice is also called as City of Masks. The Carnival Masks are the most long-established and astonishing craft work Venice is known for. A walk through the city center will take you through several shops which also act as workshops for the artisans to create these masks. Some of these marvelous works have been adding charm to one of the corners of my living room since then.The most amazing view of the city was yet to come.
veniceAs the dusk approached, the city started glittering with the reflection of the street lights off the canals. The mere imagination can’t take you to that level of mesmerising yourself unless you witness it yourself. The beauty of this nature complemented with certain man-made contribution can really leave you speechless. The stunning look of that place with fragrance of romance in the air is still so fresh in my hearts and mind.
Though the fascination of seeing one of the most romantic city can never be complete unless one views it live, the small video clip attached below would suffice to create that initial impression in your heart.

Picture& Video Courtesy : Pooja kumar





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