Must read books in luxury fashion and branding

pooja kumar May 28, 2016

Why am I writing about my tryst with luxury brand publications? Well, there could not have been better time than while I am inching towards the fag end of my MA dissertation at Nottingham Trent University, UK. All this time, when I flipped through the pages of few of the most fabulous books written on Luxury and Branding, I thought it to be worth mentioning about them.

Frankly, I am compelled to share my thoughts about at least four of those books, without which my dissertation would have never been complete.



1. The Luxury Strategy

Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands

By Jean-Noël Kapferer; Vincent Bastien

If you are a marketing or branding professional or Master student pursuing luxury, this should be your Luxury Bible. This book is written by two well-known authors within the luxury sector and they have revealed their insight in to this book. The book is loaded with exemplar taken from contemporary luxury brands.

This book provides an excellent foundation to the concept of luxury fashion, explaining how business strategies are used in the marketing of luxury brands.In addition, this book explains those luxury business models which have attained

Profitability, while sustaining the luxury status of their brands, and also sets out the multiple strategies for successfully marketing luxury.What particularly impressed me is the chapter on the anti-laws of luxury marketing.

I haven’t finished reading it yet, still I can assure you that you would fall in love with this creation.


2. Kapferer on LuxuryHow Luxury Brands Can Grow Yet Remain Rare By Jean-Noël Kapferer

This book provides deep insight into various characteristics of luxury. What I especially liked was the in-depth evaluation of the connection between digital and luxury. It also talks in detail about the growing market of the luxury: Asia. In this volume, Jean-Noël Kapferer addresses the foremost challenge of luxury brands today: how can we grow, and yet remain rare/luxury?

 Each chapter of the book focuses on few of the most distinct topics related to the challenges of the luxury growth, those are- sustaining the 'luxury dream', adapting the web 2.0 to luxury growth, re-widening the gap with premium brands' competition, facing the demand of the Asian consumers, the importance of non-delocalization, rising sustainable quality and experiential standards, logos, pricing & marketing exclusivity developing real luxury services and managing luxury brands within groups without diluting their equity and exclusivity .

Final chapters review luxury brands operational and management practices, the danger of synergies and the question of long-term sustainability for family owned companies.The ground level research done by the author makes this book unparalleled in its category, especially for researchers and practitioners.

The book proves to be of a great learning value. 


Luxury brand

3. The Cult of the Luxury BrandInside Asia's Love Affair with Luxury 

By. Paul Husband & Radha Chadha 

Another worth reading a book, which provides deep insight into the luxury  brand phenomena in Asia.The authors of the book have tried to identify how the luxury mania spread from one country to another, further explaining the fact how luxury industry started and sustained its cult. This book is special in the luxury industry, studying the luxury shopping consumption's of Asians by analysing their evolving trends. This book proves to be an encyclopaedia, full of well researched luxury facts and figures crucial for professionals serving in the luxury industry.

This is a unique luxury book that provides you a deep insight into the Asian Culture while learning about the different luxury brands and their marketing approach. It provides extremely detailed and logical insight into the mind-sets of Asian luxury consumers, backed by easy-to-understand graphs and charts. The information in this book is well-researched and supported; this is useful for anyone looking to venture into the luxury business in Asia.

For luxury connoisseur, this is a must-read; the book is written in a very enticing manner that isn't in the least bit boring!



4. Luxury online Styles, Systems, Strategies

By. Uche Okonkwo

A must read for online start-ups or for those of you who are interested in taking your user experience to a new level.

This book is extremely practical to identify the latest trends in digital marketing for the luxury and fashion industries. It takes into consideration the latest Web 2.0 technologies available, the social networking phenomenon, the latest innovation in digital marketing, the rise of the (BRIC) countries as consumers of luxury goods and the dramatic changes in customer behaviours resulting from the current recession.

 Beyond the value of the content, the book is very well designed and a treat to read.

I would strongly recommend all the books mentioned above, to all luxury marketing and branding professionals who are venturing in to the paradoxical world of luxury. Those who ever wondered how to embrace digital technology with luxury will get all their questions answered.

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