Singapore: Top 5 thing to do

Nikita Nariani June 28, 2016

As the wanderlust worm gets into me almost every 6 months and I am usually very busy filling up my travel bucket, I couldn’t stop myself from taking a transit at Singapore while I was on my way to Taiwan. Singapore in spite of being one of the smallest country-city in Asia to my surprise has a lot to discover and treating it as a transit destination would totally be a bad idea so I had to postpone my forwarding ticket to a further date. However, in this article I am going to list out top 5 things to discover in Singapore. KuDeKa Marina Bay1
   1. Try the rooftop bar at Marina Bay Sands.

Visiting this unique skyscraper to enjoy the city’s skyline view is a must when your around Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is the tallest tower in Singapore and gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole city. The best trick to enjoy this scenic view for free is hopping onto the Rooftop Bar at Marina Bay Sands called KuDeTa which is located right above the Observation Desk at the Hotel which might save you $22 SGD. But hey, just put on your best dress on to avoid being stopped by the watch guards at the entrance.

The second thing you can do at Marina Bay Sands apart from a little shopping and enjoying the wonderful view is visit the Casino at the basement of the Hotel which is one of the biggest and best Casino in town.                                                                         Just don’t forget to carry your passport with you for the entry.

          2. Enjoy some beach time at Sentosa Island.Sentosa

Away from the hustle bustle of the city is a man made island called Sentosa, so if you are tired of exploring the city you can always take a ride to this beautiful island to enjoy some gala time at the beach. The island also has innumerable clubs overlooking the beach so if you are a party freak this place has a lot for you. While my trip to Singapore I was lucky enough to get free passes to a foam party at a club in Sentosa. The club was more like a beach shack with a perfect bar counter, extremely exciting dance floor and beach beds.

            3. Universal Studio at SentosaUniversalUniversal 2

If you a Hollywood lover and enjoy amusement parks, this is just the right place for you. Universal Studio is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Singapore and it is located at the Sentosa Island in the city. While you’re there do not forget to take a walk down Hollywood Boulevard and the famous Walk of Fame. This day might be a little high on your budget but believe me this place is totally worth the expenditure.

        4. Click a shot with the Merlion.

MerlionMerlion 2While you’re in the city do not forget to click a picture with the famous Merlion. It is more than just a structure but is a mythical symbol of this wonderful city. While you have already enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the city through the Marina Bay rooftop this place lets you enjoy the scenic view of the city from the ground level.

You can take a halt at the terraced seating area and enjoy the view of Singapore flyer and Marina Bay across the water.

       5. Have a meal at Clark QuayCLark QuayCLark Quay 2

Clark Quay without any doubt is one of the most happening places to be in the city late at night. This place is packed with innumerable nightclubs, bars and restaurants by the city’s main river and you might just happen bump into Singapore’s greatest party animals. If you are in the mood of some bar hopping this would be the best place, if not I would suggest grabbing a pint of beer and relishing your favorite cuisine by the riverside.

Photo courtesy : Nikita Nariani


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