5 Nottingham cuisine you must try now

Nikita Nariani June 15, 2016

Five cuisines you can try in Nottingham and where?

Nottingham being a student city has a lot of diversity and thus consists of an amalgamation of various cultures. The city center of Nottingham is filled with various nightclubs, bars and restaurants thus; finding one’s local cuisine is not that big a task in this wonderful city. In this article I am going to talk about 5 cuisines you can try in the city.

1.      Indian at Calcutta Club.calcutta club

India is famous for its food and spices globally and Calcutta Club in Nottingham takes you on a true journey of experiencing traditional Indian culture with deliciously cooked authentic Indian food. Calcutta Club is no doubt one of the best Indian restaurants in the city with a wide variety of dishes to choose from in the menu. The restaurant is known for its delectable curries and rich biryani. So if you are in the mood of some really tempting curries go on and rush to Calcutta Club located at Maid Marian Way in Nottingham.

Image Credit: Calcuttaclub.co.uk

2.      Thai at ThaikhunThaikhunThaiKhun, Nottingham

Thaikhun located at Victoria Center, Nottingham is one of the best Thai restaurants in the city. I believe a good restaurant not only serves authentic and quality dishes but also takes you on a journey while your dining at the restaurant and Thaikhun exactly does that. Stepping into the restaurant teleports you to the busy streets of Bangkok and their extremely friendly staff welcome you with Wai, which is a traditional Thai greeting wherein you slightly bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion. One should definitely try their famous Iced green tea, cocktails and variety of Thai Curry at the restaurant.

Image Credit: thestyleladdermumbai

3. American at Rub Smokehouse Bar & Grill.thestyleladdermumbai/
Rub Smokehouse & Bar is located off the Fletcher Gate in Nottingham and the restaurant transports you directly to the streets of New York as you step into it. This restaurant is totally a bliss for someone who is fond of American treats and the gigantic huge portions are sure to leave you content and happy. Rub is known for their extremely unique cocktail menu which has an extensive variety to suit everybody’s taste. If you happen to go to Rub, you should surely try their enormous giant pizza taco which is extremely tasteful and huge.

Image Credit: thestyleladdermumbai

4.      British at Hockley Arts Club.thestyleladdermumbaithestyleladdermumbai
Hockley Arts Club located at the Lace Market in Nottingham has a very elegant and unique architecture and design with an incredibly beautiful decor. If you are in the mood of some British delicacies, this is your place to be. The restaurant has two seating arrange one that looks much like a Gentleman’s Club and the other on the terrace which is designed in a wonderful garden like manner. One should surely try Fish and Chips at the restaurants which is staple for British residents in the UK. The restaurant also has a huge range of cocktails one can choose from to accompany their meal.

Image Credit: thestyleladdermumbai

5. Cantonese at May Summaysum resturant nottingham

May Sum is an Asian buffet restaurant that serves a range of authentic Cantonese food in Nottingham. The restaurant is located off the Maid Marian Way in the city center of the city and is one of the best places to try Cantonese food in this wonderful student city. One can have unlimited buffet at a very reasonable price which makes this place a light on your wallet and high on experience. Apart from just Cantonese one can also enjoy the taste of authentic Thai, Japanese and Malay dishes with a special teppanyaki counter.

Image Credit: Maysumnottingham/facebook