This is an ingenious blend for those of you, who have passion to share their creativity with community around the world, with an attitude that you have the right to have full control over your lives.

Creativity and passion knows no boundary. And rightly so, what we are looking at is your own creations reflecting your personality and further influenced by your passion. Creative cocktail loves the people for what they are and not expect something what they never want to be. Life, as we see it is all about uniqueness and challenges therefore worry not; we will walk this extra mile hand in hand. 

We promise to be with you in this endeavor. We will showcase you for what you are good at and coax you into commitment towards your work. It’s not just a platform, but a mission to assist independent designers including amateurs to thrive at what they love doing.

˜If you have the flare to write on range of issues concerning lifestyle, fashion, travel and
photography and you think you can add colors to this ingenious blend with your passion, then we are looking for you. We are sure to amaze you with our loads of unique ideas. We just need those enthusiasts who aspire to share their creativity with the wider audiences.

We are sure to create that urge in you, therefore share your details on: