Iconic Monument : Eiffel tower

pooja kumar June 10, 2016

I have visited Paris in December 2015 with my husband. When we traveled to Paris the number 1 thing on our ‘must see list” was Eiffel tower. It is perhaps the best known landmark in Paris.eiffel towereiffel tower

The view from the tower is absolutely fantastic and perfect location for Photographer. From the tower we embraced the view of major Paris landmark such as Arc de Triumph, the Louver, the seine River, The Sacre Coeur in montmartre, The Champ de Mars and much more. Inside the Eiffel tower there is also so much to see and do. On the first and second floor there are Souvenir shop, and restaurants.

Eiffel tower Eiffel towerEiffel tower Eiffel tower Eiffel tower Eiffel tower Eiffel towerEiffel tower
Eiffel Tower DSC_0347In night, Eiffel tower is totally different from what you see in day. Night view is spectacular, from 9.00 P.M to 11 P.M every hour light sparkle at Eiffel Tower for 5 minutes. I am not getting words to describe its magnificent beauty at night. Eiffel Tower is an iconic tourist’s attraction of Paris and thus must be seen and visited.

After enjoying the spectacular beauty of Eiffel tower, we decide to go on a photographic walk of Paris. Trust me you will experience the best of Paris on foot. DSC_0403 DSC_0395 2f304b88-eb8f-4844-a4ee-9a0ed3a61572 ce7570b2-ed58-45af-b87c-c651518660e6

IMG_4324 IMG_4413This is a place where I will like to visit again. Here is a short 9 sec clip, see clip of dazzling Eiffel Tower.

Photo & Video Courtesy by Pooja Kumar 


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