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pooja kumar June 1, 2016




It’s no denying the fact that Disneyland Paris boasts itself to be one of the most spectacular theme parks in the world, and one can barely forget to have it on the top of the ‘Things to do’ list at Paris. Let me also add, well before I go about describing my experience that we (me & my life partner) were not accompanied with kids.Possibly that would make amply clear to you that this theme park is not just for kids but it also attracts adults, no matter what age you are.

Disneyland Paris
Well, it was the December month, one among the coldest times of the year in Paris and it couldn’t deter us to visit the park which possibly many of us dream since our childhood. The Disneyland is located at the outskirts of the Paris city and our journey started with the train from Charles De Gaulle Etoile station. After a little over one hour, we were part of a large group of people rushing from the last train station towards the entry of Disneyland.
Disneyland, Paris Disneyland Paris
The theme park welcomed us with a large queue at the entrance however the ecstasy of standing in front of the most spectacular theme park was so overwhelming that it never made us realize the amount of time we kept standing in the queue.We just followed the crowd to get over the dilemma of which direction to take. A little walk through the garden with a number of small lead us to main entrance of the "Disneyland Park".
Disneyland paris
It started with a loud cheering of people gathered on both sides of the pathway, waiting to see the evening Parade. We enjoyed the magic of the Disney parade full of familiar character both old and new.
Disney land parade, paris Disneyland parade,paris DSC_0301 Disney land parade IMG_3853 DSC_0311To have a mesmerizing glimpse of most spectacular parade of Disney magic, see below video

A further walk between the rows of historic-style shops called ‘Main Street USA’ lead us to a central plaza from which steps lead up to the pink turrets of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. From here, paths fan out to reach movie-inspired rides -- from the Sleeping Beauty Castle to the more exhilarating underground boat trip with Pirates of the Caribbean and a rocket cruise through the Star Wars galaxy. The list is endless.
Disneyland Paris IMG_3976
 It was 7.00 pm in the evening when some of the rides started closing down on the side of Disneyland Park, we headed back towards the ‘Walt Disney Studio Park. After a never ending experience of the maximum possible rides, we landed near the ‘The Hollywood Tower House’. Warning notes pasted at the entrance and all along the pathway kept telling us about the feeling of zero gravity and weightlessness however my husband kept refuting them for the sake of convincing me to experience one of the most unique and most thrilling rides of the park. The sense of fear did set in at the beginning; however the long queue and smile on the faces of people standing with us in the queue took no time to whisk away all my fear.Disneyland ,Paris tower of terror
Finally, it was our turn to enter the so called Lift which took us to another floor from where the adventure started. After a small briefing, the staff started to leave and suddenly what struck me was the thumbs up sign with a funny smile on the face of one of the staff. My husband tried to calm me down but the hell broke loose when the whole platform started descending. It was then I realized what weightlessness is. What thrills you more is that they never give you time to get used to this feeling. The moment you feel that it’s over, it goes again. The mere recollection of those moments is sufficient to give me enough goose bumps, even today.
After a very satisfying experience full of thrills, we headed back to the city. Each and every moment spent in the park kept flashing in our minds, all the way to our hotel. It’s happening the same even today while I go down my memory lane recollecting each of those thrilling moments spent inside the park.disneyland

This was the lifetime experience and looking back at those moments fills me with a sense of nostalgia.If you want to find more information about Disneyland"Click here".

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