Amazing photography from unusual angles

pooja kumar June 20, 2016

Photography, something that fills up your mind with colors, a personification of whatever you have ever seen, ever photographed. Well, it may take a while to slip into a deep thinking about photography for those of us who are not into it right away, but let me start this article for those who have been into it for some time and want to take this experience to a new level.

Let me give you a glimpse of what I am going to talk in subsequent paragraphs.Are we waiting to make a long travel itinerary to indulge into some wonderful photography? Have we started thinking that the nature around you is incapable of providing enough avenues of some amazing photography? I might sound optimistic by saying that a minor modification in the approach can create a whole new world of photography; the approach of looking at things around you differently. Let me talk about that modification in the way you see the world around you little more to turn that optimism into reality.

You don’t need to walk to some exotic destinations for some amazing photography, but it’s all around you. Look around where you stay, where you work, the places which you come across daily, they all can become a wonderful subject of your photography. A little change in the perspective by clicking them from unusual angle is all that you require. You would have hardly cared to notice that your camera creates a two dimensional image of a picture which is actually three dimensional. This three dimensional characteristics of the picture gives you a wide scope to change the perspective of looking at it. Be ready to move the camera in all the three dimensions to create something very extraordinary through it. For instance, move the camera too low with reference to the subject or too high to see how it completely changes the outcome of the photography.

Getting Low

One among the few methods to create a different perspective of the subject is to move the camera closer to the ground. Getting low with a wide angle lens provides a whole new perspective, allowing you to feature the foreground, while pulling the viewer into the image. DSC_0127

There is no denying the fact that the unique image created of the same subject creates a different impression in the minds of the viewer and this is exactly what ‘gelling low’ perspective does. We all come across so many subjects on daily basis and they fail to be registered in our minds as we keep seeing them at the eye level over and over again. The moment the same subject is pictured from a ground level, it gets registered to our minds as something unique. Therefore, as easy as ‘’getting low’’ can bring in a lot unique and different perspective to the subjects in our photography.

Furthermore, a low perspective also contributes immensely towards getting rid of the background clutter by highlighting the subject itself. The art of giving a different low perspective can lead to a whole new experience of playing around with the subject, the way a photographer wants.

Getting Up High or Looking Up High

Let’s explore another perspective of the subject. Getting low could make the whole subject look more commanding and powerful, what if you wanted a particular portion of the subject to be highlighted. For instance, the top portion of the subject interests you more and that is what you wanted your picture to concentrate on.IMG_20151223_115703 DSC_0188

Try getting the camera higher than the subject to look directly on the top of it. One can do whatever to achieve this height, but the perspective created out of this position shows the particular portion in detail, yet removing the background clutter. While you are bored of seeing things around you, someday unknowingly you look up towards the sky and find a whole different perspective of things we have been experiencing from eye level on daily basis.

This is how, a minor deviation from the standard ‘’Stand and Shoot’’ position can create a whole new photographic experience for you.

Photo Credit: Pooja Kumar



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